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When trying to decide how to best utilize your online platforms, getting started is often the hardest part. That’s why Vervology is sharing the five key points they use in their digital strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

It’s difficult to know what your first steps should be, whether you’re hoping to revamp the website you’ve had for years, or trying to build a social media presence from the ground up. Vervology is here to guide you as you begin your journey through your new digital strategy, and here are a few tips to consider as you move forward.

Answer the “Why” Question

What is your business’s mission? Defining who your business is as a unique member of the small business community and why it matters can give you a clearer picture of what it is you are trying to accomplish, then help as you accomplish it.

Show customers what makes your business unique by posting about these unique attributes on your social media platforms and emphasizing them on your website. Give patrons the opportunity to get to know you and your brand better by adding a detailed “about us” section on your site.

80% of executives agree that a strong answer to the “why” increases customer loyalty.

Not only does understanding your mission drive a successful digital presence, it also affects customer perception of your business. According to a study by The Business Case for Purpose, 80% of executives agree that a strong answer to the “why” increases customer loyalty.

Identify Your Goals

Be specific about what it is you want to accomplish. Make goals with a clear message: “We want to increase our page views by 30%.” Then, set specific dates for when you want to accomplish these goals. Keeping yourself accountable for successes within your digital strategy will help you improve day-after-day, benchmark-after-benchmark.

Consider Which Platforms Work Best for You

Are you a restaurant with a knack for the outlandish? Show customers what you’re doing on Instagram, and then field their customer service-specific questions on Facebook. Knowing where and how to post your content comes from a strong understanding of the goals of your business, as well as the individuals you are trying to reach.

Create Audience Personas

In order to reach your audience, it is important to research them: their buying habits, what social media they are using, their age grouping, etc. From there, you may want to create two or three individual personas (a description of the type of customer). This will help you understand your audience from a “zoomed out,” big picture perspective, as well as each individual customer’s needs.

Stay Organized

Once you have figured out how to interact with your audience, you will want to have an idea of what content you will post and when. Jot ideas down in a planner or on a calendar, then make sure you are consistent.

Each individual strategy is as unique as the business itself. Taking some time to consider how to best help your business, as well as your audience, will help guide you on the road to an optimal digital presence.