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our mission

We are in the business of helping small businesses.

Our fully-integrated and experienced team is here to partner with companies to help them achieve their digital and business goals. Transparency and high-quality service is at the heart of every project we take on; dedication to the success of our clients is what drives us. We are not just here to provide a product, but rather to foster long-lasting relationships between our team and our clients.

Great Team

None of our projects happen individually. Our team believes in an iterative, collaborative approach that combines diverse perspectives and specialized skills to provide our clients with expert solutions.

Great Service

You’re in the business of providing great service, and so are we. Vervology believes in building practical and ethical solutions that deliver meaningful results for our clients and their customers.

Great Impact

We’re solutions-oriented and driven to make a difference. We favor relationships over transactions to provide clients with long-term support, whether that be tomorrow or several years from now.

Meet the Vervology Team

  1. Founder/Digital Strategy

    Experienced strategic thinker and an innovative leader, focused on providing pragmatic, adaptive, creative strategies and solutions.

    Demonstrated history of successfully building and directing dynamic high-functioning teams that are people-centered, solution-orientated, problem solvers. Strong creative and technology skills, practiced in digital transformation, and taking the lead as a change agent.

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  2. Business Development

    Sarah’s role at Vervology is centered around Business Development. She has a background in graphic design, networking, and marketing in both New York and Florida. Her passion involves being able to communicate and connect with people while focusing on creative and innovative solutions for their businesses.

    In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two rescue dogs on walks and thinking of creative projects to do around her house.

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  3. Business Development

  4. Design & Development

    Brandon’s role at Vervology is focused around website design and development. He has a background in graphic design and user experience. Brandon is passionate about implementing beautiful sites that are user friendly and achieve client goals.

    In his free time, Brandon enjoys working on his vehicles, is an avid bonfire enthusiast, and plays lead guitar in a local rock band.

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  5. Content Marketing

    Gabriele’s role at Vervology is to create engaging content for clients.
    She has a background in digital marketing and public relations, and
    is based out of Toronto, Canada. She thrives when she is able to use
    her outside-the-box-thinking to come up with creative solutions that
    truly reflect clients’ business needs.

    In her free time, she enjoys playing with her cat Min, spending time
    at her cottage, and binge-watching (too much) true crime on

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  6. Finance

    Amanda is the founder of Stickel Tax and Bookkeeping and is our business partner responsible for bookkeeping and accounting matters. StickelTax helps small businesses like Vervology to have peace of mind and confidence that their accounts are in order, allowing them to focus on growing their business.

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  7. Business Advisor