Establishing a good brand is key for companies online, but it can be difficult to break down what this means. Today we are answering the question, what should I be looking for to ensure the effectiveness of my brand?

Brand Promise

Brand promise refers to the consistent experience customers can expect each time they have an interaction with your business. Starbucks’s brand promise is a common example of a strong approach: “To inspire and nurture the human spirit—one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.” Therefore, as long as you stay true to your mission as a business, creating a promise to your customers will be seamless.

Key Differentiator

Your business, services, and products are unique, and these are aspects to highlight. This is the key approach in a differentiation strategy. Tell customers what is distinctive about you, as well as what you can offer compared to competitors.

Strong Visuals

In our highly visual society, having a brand that customers like and will remember is crucial. In 2019, 49% of digital marketers said visual branding was “very important” to their marketing strategy, according to Venngage. If you have appealing colors and visuals associated with your company, customers will take notice.

Adaptable to Change

We are living in a digital age in which one of the main consistencies is its inconsistency. Gather feedback from your target audience about what they think is working well for your brand and what you could improve on. This can be accomplished through surveys and social media posts, as well as monitoring analytics on your platforms. Either way, being innovative to what your customers are looking for will keep your brand fresh and relevant, and improve user experience.