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Creating a brand identity is crucial for any business today. It helps audiences get to know what your company is all about and distinguishes your services from competitors’. It gives your business an identity, allowing you to relate to customers and provide a space for positive, custom-built interactions.

Still, maintaining a solid brand can be difficult, especially without prior research to learn from the mistakes of others. Brands exist on a fragile balance, and one misstep can leave customers feeling frustrated, confused, or even betrayed.

Thankfully, there are several brand elements that have fallen flat that others in the industry can learn from. In today’s article, we will be taking a look at a few common brand missteps and how you can avoid traveling down the same path.

Brand Inconsistency

Possibly one of the most common pitfalls of branding, inconsistent colors, designs, content, and information can leave customers feeling confused. If your Facebook page doesn’t match your website, users may not realize that the two go together. They may assume they belong to different businesses. Inconsistent messaging leaves viewers feeling uneasy, especially since they enjoy being able to anticipate the kind of experience they will have when interacting with your company.

According to LucidPress’s study in 2019, consistent branding can have a 33% total increase in revenue. Reboot’s 2018 article found that 80% of consumers recognize brands by their signature colors. So, it’s definitely worth your business’s time and effort to make sure there are no questions when it comes to all of your platforms being connected. Especially if it can help save your company's credibility.

Consistency Checklist

  • Are my colors and designs the same across all platforms?
  • Is the tone the same, even on posts for unrelated products?
  • If I were a customer with no previous experience with my company, could they link my website to my social media profiles?
  • Are the company’s values clear across all platforms?
  • Do the products and services my company promotes fit within the expectations of the target audience?

Crossing the Line or Not Taking Chances

There’s no doubt that the online world is over-saturated with businesses (both real and fake) trying to grab customers with flashy images or baseless promises. Standing out from the crowd is necessary in order for new customers to continually find your company. However, it is possible to go too far in the quest for uniqueness.

It’s also possible to go in the opposite direction: “playing it safe” in such a way that your brand has very little voice or personality. It can be easy to slip into a pattern of keeping your head down. We are living in an age when company mishaps are prominently displayed in media. Still, being aware of what your audience wants to see, coupled with awareness of what is going on in the area and around the world, will give you a strong idea of what is acceptable.

Brand Personality Checklist

  • Is what I’m posting/saying engaging, lively, and attention-grabbing?
  • Could my message be seen as inconsiderate or offensive?
  • Is what I’m writing going to help my followers and further my brand? Could it be harmful?
  • Is the tone I’m taking characteristic of my business?

Resisting Change

It’s true that consistency is key, especially for gaining trust among your customers. However, it’s also important to listen to what these customers are saying—both directly to your business and indirectly on their own channels.

Be open to making positive changes that will benefit your company and customers in the long run. Then, patrons will be more likely to trust you and feel more loyal when knowing that you implemented one of their changes. Know what your customers are asking for, and find a way to make it work for both of you.

Adaptability Checklist

  • Is the kind of content I’m sharing getting engagements with customers?
  • What does my audience want to see from my brand?
  • What type of content is getting the most attention?
  • Is my logo, tone, social media, or website outdated, compared to my competitors?

Your business is unique and your brand helps accentuate these features. Highlighting your brand in everything you sell, promote, and post will increase customer loyalty and open you up to reaching many more potential leads. Interested in strengthening your brand?