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There’s no denying: We are in a fully digital age and the “age of the consumer” is well upon us. Consumers and clients are now expecting even more out of businesses in terms of the ability to access their information, schedule appointments, and educate themselves online. Now, if you don’t have your digital “ducks in a row,” you will be guaranteed to lose patients and clients because of the lack of digital solutions in health and wellness.

When clients can check-in to their appointments, view their patient records, and learn more about your services online, they will recommend your business to their friends and family for your easy-to-use digital platform. These days, it’s not only a suggestion, but an imperative move for your business to grow in this increasingly digital age.

At Vervology, we guide our clients through the process of turning a brick-and-mortar business into a fully digital user-friendly business that their clients and customers can reach with the click of a button.

You may be asking yourself how this is important to helping your business grow. Digital solutions in health and wellness can help automate your processes for your administrative staff, give clients the tools to check their information online, and assist them in checking appointments. All of these solutions can save you valuable time and money that you can put into spending more time with your patients and helping your business grow.

Why Digital Solutions in Health and Wellness Small Businesses are Important

Digital solutions in healthcare are becoming increasingly crucial for doctor’s offices and other wellness businesses. In fact, most consumers search online before finding a healthcare provider, and leading industry professionals have found that having a strong online presence can greatly influence your clientele and patient base.

It isn’t just about having a space for patients to review your office. It’s about having full-service digital solutions available so your patients feel more in-control of their healthcare experience. This includes the ability to book appointments online, reviewing your office, accessing their patient records, and learning more information about healthcare and practices.

Having a digital strategy in place is key to gaining new clients and keeping your current customers satisfied by optimizing your strategy for customer experience. This can also help free up your administrative staff for customer interaction and other important face-to-face tasks. Stand out against your competitors and enhance your brand by bringing digital solutions to your small business and healthcare office.

Benefits of Digital Solutions in Healthcare

There are many benefits to implementing a digital strategy including a website, localized SEO, and content marketing to your healthcare business. Doing so can save you several hours of time doing repetitive and tedious tasks and free you up to spend more time with your patients and helping your practice grow.

Here are some ways optimizing your digital experience can help your practice:

  • Reduce no-shows with appointment reminders and confirmations
  • Fewer phone calls to the office to schedule appointments
  • Ability for offices and patients to view medical records in real time
  • Personalize your patient’s experience
  • Less waiting room time for patients because they are able to check-in online

User-Friendly Website

In the age of the consumer, customer and user experience is everything. To give you some real-world statistics, creating an “intentional and strategic user experience has the potential to raise conversion rates as much as 400%.”

An ideal website for healthcare has an online scheduling portal, localized content that is optimized for SEO, and customer reviews about your practice. Implementing just these 3 customer experience strategies onto your website can greatly improve your digital presence in the healthcare field. Applying a secure patient portal that allows your patients to access their medical records in real time is also important.

And don’t forget to optimize for mobile. According to statistics, 74% of people are more likely to return to a website if it is optimized for mobile.

Localized SEO

Did you know that over 46% of people search for “near me” businesses when looking for a new business? If you are wondering what “local SEO” means, check out our Guide to Local SEO. Optimizing your search engine results to geofence your location and appear higher for local searches is crucial to your marketing strategy.

When people are going to the doctor’s office or another healthcare office, they often do not want to travel very far from their homes. This is where local SEO comes in! You can optimize your search engine strategy to “localize” your SEO and appear more frequently to customers that are in your area.

Why spend marketing dollars to reach people who won’t convert into patients? Make your marketing dollars go farther with localized SEO and reach your customers near you.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an excellent way to get new customers and increase your business’ reputation in the healthcare industry and online community. People constantly search for medical information online, and creating content that brings value can potentially garner new customers.

Content marketing is crucial for SEO and will make your online business stand out in search engines. This can help increase your standing for local SEO and also can give your clients more assurance of your ability as a healthcare professional. Creating content for your patients and potential patients is no longer a “might need,” but a necessary part of your digital strategy.

Creating “evergreen content” for your patients and potential patients is an excellent way to provide valuable and quality information about your practice and other common health and wellness questions. This is content that doesn’t have an “expiration date” and can be consistently used in social media posts and will maintain its relevance for months and years to come.

We highly recommend implementing content marketing into your digital strategy for your healthcare business. This can increase your brand reputation and will make your patients trust you more, which increases their loyalty to your business.

Other Digital Solutions in Healthcare

There are other digital solutions in healthcare that can be valuable to your customers, such as introducing texting from your healthcare office to confirm and reschedule appointments. Text confirmations for appointments can help reduce the amount of no-shows and increase personalized communication between your office and your patients.

Save your administrative staff hours upon hours of time calling to confirm and reschedule appointments and reduce the amount of no shows in your office with two-way text messaging for healthcare offices.

How Vervology Can Help

At Vervology, we pride ourselves on creating customized digital solutions in healthcare and for other small businesses. We care about your patients and can help you turn your office into an office with several digital solutions for your patients. We can help create and maintain your website for security as well as user experience. We also specialize in localizing your SEO and creating content that fits into your entire digital strategy.

Let Vervology help bring you into the 21st century with specialized digital solutions for your healthcare business and give your patients the care they deserve! Have any questions? Contact us to get started today!