Part of what makes the Vervology Team who we are is our commitment to continued learning and natural curiosity. As problem solvers, we understand that we don’t have all the answers all the time. That’s why we do our research, take a look at what the experts are saying, and make sure to continuously brush up on what’s happening in our industry. This is where newsletters come in handy.

Newsletters are a great way to share important information quickly and efficiently. They often give you quick insights, while also offering the opportunity to look at longer, more in-depth articles. As busy professionals, this is the type of format that often works best for us. We can take in quick tidbits of information while also taking deeper dives when we have a brief moment.

That’s why today’s article is centered around newsletters that the Vervology Team uses to expand their knowledge and do their jobs. They can help us out, often on a weekly or daily basis. We’re sure you’ll find value in them as well.

1. Daniel’s Unsupervised Learning

For those who are not especially technologically-inclined, but are still interested in this field, The Unsupervised Learning Newsletter gives the latest news and trends happening in the technology field. The newsletter’s creator, Daniel Miessler, combines a mix of updates affecting society right now, as well as his own thoughts and analyses.

The newsletter itself is fairly laid-back and informal, making it less intimidating to pick up for those who are newer to the industry. Plus, it’s very easy to understand and digest.

Therefore, if you are interested in a technology and security update each week to educate yourself on national and global happenings, this is a great place to start.

2. Total Annarchy

If you’re looking for advice on content marketing, blog writing, and just how to be an overall more engaging content creator, you can’t do much better than Ann Handley’s newsletter, Total Annarchy. This email will give you the best quick tips on how to improve your voice when writing. Plus, she also shares tools that will help as you continue to grow and develop within your content. There are plenty of links to relevant examples, recent commercials, and any other content marketing materials deemed worthy.

And, if nothing else, you can gain a ton just from skimming through the writing. Ann Handley is an expert in the field for a reason: her writing is something to behold.

So, if you’re looking for a place to find inspiration and improve your writing techniques, Total Annarchy is the place to look.

3. Social Media Today

We can all use a little help when it comes to keeping up with social media trends. With platform layout and policies changing fast and figuring out what will reach audiences, trying to keep up with social media can feel like a full-time job.

Thankfully, Social Media Today can help keep track of all of this for you. Their daily newsletter will give you the latest news about social media happenings. The best part is, they share their own social media insights, plus the greatest articles they have found in their research. It truly is one of the best resources for when you need quick updates on how to best maximize your social media presence.

When you need those social media insights, but don’t have the time to put in hours of research for one tweet, Social Media Today is the place to turn to.

To Wrap Up

These are just a few of the many email lists that members of the Vervology Team use to expand their knowledge each day. They each have their own unique styles and areas of expertise, making them great places to learn. Do you have any favorite email newsletters? Let us know on our social media channels @vervology.

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